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Intersection organizes a contest for the Posters Now Exhibition!

Open to everyone, amateurs and professionals, Belgians and internationals.

This contest is in line with Intersection’s philosophy and mission: to make culture accessible and attractive. We hope to offer a challenge to professionals, an opportunity for art students, and maybe spark newfound gifts in amateurs.

Create your poster, take part in the contest

Theme: “Rendez-Vous”

An encounter between multiple people or a romantic date, where the time and place were previously agreed upon/ Date and time of meeting

A romantic date, a get together among friends, a professional appointment… to meet at the local bar, at the park, in unknown territory… First date, tomorrow, meet next summer.

A story starts with an encounter… To meet, to get together, to love on another. In the current situation, we all miss social interaction! Can we still look forward to one day being able to meet? Could we reinvent the way we interact? Will we one day be nostalgic of a spontaneous interaction, like when you randomly meet someone on the corner of a street? We chose this theme since it is a valid preoccupation today. It reminds us of an almost forgotten reality, a common desire to reunite and live together.

Each participant can send two posters (maximum) inspired with the theme “Rendez-vous”.
Deadline for applications: 19 February 2021

We are looking for creations that:

  • Open up the dialogue and disrupt mainstream codes of perception or thought
  • Offer creative freedom rather than academic art
  • Use graphic tools in an innovative way

Technical specifications :

  • Format A1 – 594 x 841 mm
  • Portrait orientation
  • JPG ou PDF Format – QUADRI CMJN – Full bleed 5mm – clean cut
  • 10Mb Max in total

The jury, composed of Belgian graphic designers and members of Intersection, will evaluate the posters and offer a prize to the top three creations.  

Jury members :

Xavier Michel, artist, designer and art printer, founder of the printed creations studio “Au Chiffon d’Encre
Website “Multiple de Trois

Camille Nicolle, artist and graphic designer

Bruno Robbe, artist and editor

Guillaume Deman, graphic designer, founder of the studio Ekta in Brussels

The exhibition will take place from 5 March until 28 May 2021, in a (now) secret location.

A public’s choice award will also be given out.

  • First prize: 750€
  • Second prize: 500€
  • Third prize: 250€

Feel like taking up the challenge?

Read the contest rules, where you can find complete information and technical specifications:

Give free rein to your creativity!

To submit your application, send your files

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