Posters Now


An overview of today’s Belgian and international graphic design, using a particular graphic media, which offers creative freedom: the poster.

The exhibition will take place from 5 March until 28 May 2021, in a secret location.

Opening 4 March 2020!

The exhibition will be made of the best artwork, selected by a jury made of professional graphic designers.

The exhibition’s ambition is to focus on today’s graphic design and the place that holds printed posters in an increasingly digitalized world. Posters are creative objects, a way to deliver in a purely graphic way a subjective interpretation of a subject.

The exhibition will also organize workshops, conferences, projections, kid-friendly activities. The full program is soon available!

Following the pattern of festivals such as Antwerp Poster Festival, Graphic Matters in the Netherlands or the Concours International d’affiches de la Biennale de Design Graphique de Chaumont in France, Intersections wishes to offer a unique initiative in Wallonia, a platform of creative freedom and visibility for graphic designers or amateurs.